Geratech MCH 305D-2 DC Güç Kaynağı

Geratech MCH 305D-2 DC Güç Kaynağı

30 Volt, 5 Amper Çift çıkışlı güç kaynağı

Hameg HMP 2020

Hameg HMP 2020

Programlanabilir 2 Kanal DC Power Supply

Rigol DP1308A

Rigol DP1308A

Programlanabilir Güç Kaynağı 3 Kanallı

Geratech FUC EL3630B DC Load

Geratech FUC EL3630B DC Load

300W Programlanabilir DC Load

Geratech DT-185

Solar Datalogger

Alarm setup and indication
Recording and low battery indication

72,00  USD +KDV

Geratech DT 3891G


K Tipi sıcaklık ölçüm aralığı  : -200°C ... +1372°C

J Tipi sıcaklık ölçüm aralığı   : -210°C ... +1100°C (Opsiyonel)

126,00  USD +KDV

Graphtec GL7000

Data Platform

Modular system allows expansiyon of measurement and channels

Suitable for a variety of measurements by different type of amplifier

Multiple storages for reliable long term measurement

Easy operation with large display and touch panel

Support stand-alone operation and embedding into a system

High performance application software

Modules and External dimensions
 Fiyat Sorunuz

0,00  EUR +KDV

Graphtec GL7-CHA

Charge Amp Module

  • Part number GL7-CHA
  • Manufactured by Graphtec
  • 4 channels
  • BNC iput terminal
  • Simultaneous sampling
  • Supports IEPE direct access
  • Low-pass anti-aliasing filter
  • Meets low-pass, high-pass and band-pass needs
  • Built-in RAM: 2,000,000 data
  • Fiyat Sorunuz

0,00  EUR +KDV